What is Cosentino Impulsa?

This program is directed towards young people who are studying their final year, who are recent graduates or have worked less than three years. The aim is to give them the opportunity to grow in a demanding, competitive and international professional environment.

Why has Cosentino launched this programme?

The current situation of global markets – in tandem with the competitiveness of professional talent – requires offering challenging alternatives to the needs of these young professionals ,who are capable of adding value in the future and who want to start their career at Cosentino.

Cosentino Impulsa aims to encourage the professional development of these young people, strengthening Cosentino’s image as an employer brand.

If these concepts (see image on right) embody the elements that make up the ideal environment for your professional life, Cosentino’s Impulsa Programme is for you.


· Diversity

· Achievements and results

· Challenges

· Constant evolution

· Professional growth

· Value of ideas


Would you like to be part of this programme?

Cosentino Group is searching for people with less than 3 years of professional experience who can work on a bilingual level in English (other European languages are also valuable), who have recently finished university, or are in their last year studying:

  • Engineering (Telecommunications, Industrial, Systems, Civil, Electronic, etc.)

  • Mathematics

  • Business Administration and Management

  • Law

  • Architecture

to be part of a year-long development programme at the headquarters of Cosentino Group’s office located in Spain (in Cantoria).

If you are a person with infectious enthusiasm, willing to accept challenges that will test your analytical abilities and capacity for problem-solving, please apply to the fifth edition of Cosentino Impulsa.

Impulsa Experiences

Now, after this experience of almost five months, I’d say that this programme is giving us a great opportunity to get to know, learn, and carry out projects that involve us from the very start and where we can see how these projects are developed and finally bear fruit (always with a lot of help from the people around us). Furthermore, you learn how a company with a clear international profile works, and where you discover the importance of the contribution of each department so that everything runs smoothly. If to all this we add the training we are receiving, it makes for a very complete and exceptional programme for the start of our careers.

Marina G.

It is a unique opportunity to test yourself and learn every day while you carry out real tasks within the company. It is a very enriching experience that shows you how all the departments work, either by direct interaction with them or via the training provided throughout the Programme. In addition, integration can be seen at all levels in the company, from the operators to the managers, resulting in a desirable and excellent work environment.

Vicente L.

The Impulsa Programme not only allows us to acquire a perspective focused on the functions of our department, but also a 360º vision of it thanks to the specific training we receive and the continuous flow of communication between the various departments which is necessary for each of the new challenges we face at Cosentino.

María Dolores H.

The design of the programme is successful because it encompasses a perfect balance between the need for learning via specific courses as well as more across the board ones. It also offers the challenge of experiencing day-to-day work situations that any experienced employee has to deal with. If to this we add meetings with managers and visits to factories/centres, it provides a unique opportunity to see first hand how a large company functions at all levels.The result is an all-round experience.

Agustín F.

You can download the terms of the programe here

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